The mission of TEACH-NOW Educatore is to equip, enable, and empower tomorrow’s teachers for tomorrow’s students in tomorrow’s world using a globally accessible, activity-based, collaborative learning model.

TEACH-NOW Educatore offers a nine-month post-baccalaureate teacher preparation certificate program and 12-month master’s degree programs.  One is the master’s degree with teacher preparation, which requires a 12-week clinical practice in a school, and has two tracks: a focus on globalisation of education or a focus on education research. The second is a master’s degree without teacher preparation with a focus on both globalisation of education and education research.

A focus of the programs is to “learn in the way you plan to teach.” The state-of-the-art curriculum is designed for the preparation of candidates who enter the program with a grounding in the subject matter and a passion for teaching students. Candidates work collaboratively with their peers, develop an understanding of schools and students, learn to use technology effectively to help students learn, and practice the use of pedagogical strategies for effective teaching.

All coursework is delivered virtually in weekly sessions with a cohort of approximately 12 candidates and an instructor. Being a part of a learning cohort is a powerful experience. Members of a cohort collaborate together on projects, provide feedback and critiques of each other’s work, help motivate one other, and become a community of learners from all over the world. For these reasons, TEACH-NOW strongly encourages all candidates to stay with their original cohort. However, sometimes candidates find they must temporarily leave the program.

TEACH-NOW Educatore programmes are delivered in modules that include activities with videos, simulations, readings, and digital activities. The instructor and candidates in the cohort provide feedback on all activities. Clinical experiences in the modules require candidates to observe and interview teachers and other school professionals in schools. Activities require the submission of blogs, reflections, video annotations, infographics, mind maps, Prezi presentations, videos, and other digital tools. Candidates in the TEACH-NOW Educatore program and the master’s degree program with teacher preparation must complete 12 weeks of clinical practice in a school under the supervision of a school mentor or virtual mentor.

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