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Join our growing community of certified international educators across the world.  The teaching license shows your commitment to quality teaching, irrespective of location, and facilitates your ability to present yourself as a qualified teaching candidate for jobs the world over.

TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program

TEACH-NOW provides a unique teaching model. Rather than enrolling in several courses in a single semester, candidates progress through a series of intense, comprehensive modules of different lengths, taken in sequence.  The program’s project/activity-based, collaborative learning model means candidate learning occurs synchronously, in mandatory virtual class sessions with 10 -15 candidates in the learning cohort with the instructor, and asynchronously, outside of the scheduled virtual classes.

Each module is divided into units; each unit is one week-long. Every week, you will be required to complete 3 to 4 project or clinical activities, which can require anywhere between 15 to 25 hours per week to complete depending on the complexity and collaboration requirement of the weekly activities. The learning outcomes for the program ensure that you will be ready to help students learn by the time you finish the program.

The TEACH-NOW platform provides a safe place to practice what you have learned. Instructors provide encouragement and support to candidates, offer candidates questions to consider, provide affirmation to the candidates’ responses, or request candidates to resubmit an activity according to specific feedback. Collaboration among candidates is a second way in which candidates grow and receive encouragement as well as constructive criticism. All clinical experiences include reflections–you will critically reflect on the clinical experience and document your reflections. Instructors monitor candidate experiences in the field and provide feedback in the form of recognising success, correcting wrong information, or suggesting new strategies.

Learning Outcomes for the TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program

Candidates who complete the TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program should be able to:

  • Diagnose students’ learning capacities
  • Design learning experiences that enable each student to achieve success
  • Use new research on learners and learning to create innovative and effective teaching methods
  • Recognize the changing role of a teacher from dispenser of knowledge to manager, coach, leader, and facilitator of learning
  • Select and use next-generation tools and technology for teaching and learning
  • Use an active, collaborative learning model in the classroom
  • Manage the challenges of the environment in which formal education occurs

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